There are certain events that unfold as if their destiny was written in the stars. Kirasu began as a coincidence of three musicians, Sarah Fontenelle, David Rosser, and Alex Smith, talking about the afterlife, that cosmic migration, under the night sky. We had no idea that one of us would undertake that journey so soon. The series of impossible coincidences that carried the project along led us to recognize there was something much larger, much stranger at work, a kind of divine physics hidden behind everything familiar. In an attempt to explore this constellation of mysterious entanglements, we decided to expand the concept of Kirasu to create more than songs – we wanted to create innovative and mindful musical experiences.

Current collaborators are Jenna deBoisblanc, Kristin Illarmo, and Rebecca Rebouche

Contributors: Marco Altamirano, Jason Kruppa, and Thad Starkey

Musical collaborators: Joseph Arthur, Rex Gregory, Mike Napolitano, Rick G. Nelson, Michelle Ferber Nelson, Eric Rogers, and Greg Wieczorek

We dedicate this and all other incarnations of Kirasu to our co-creator, David Rosser, the white moth who continues to inspire us from the upper pure bright air. Viva la Rosser!